Recruitment agencies are outside firms who go and find candidates for employers. The recruitment process involves sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, matching candidates with clients (both in terms of the work culture and the specific requirements of the position) and finally selecting suitable candidates for a job vacancy. The agency will then facilitate an interview with the client company seeking to fill the position. The agency will remain the point of contact between the client company and the candidates put forward for the position.

Our Process – Can be tailor made to suit your requirements.

4 Stage Process:

Initial assessment of application file.

Phone Interview to assess skills and experience with relevance to the role.

Face to face interview to further assess candidates suitability to the role and carry out an IT Test.

Reference checks (on receipt of an offer to the candidate we will check the candidate's references).

Head Hunting

Headhunting is a form of recruitment and selection where we will find a candidate that has specific skills and contacts them in order to convince them to participate in the recruitment process and work in the positions that our clients feed through to us. These are non active candidates in that they are already employed elsewhere. Contact us for more.

CV Filtration

Often clients prefer to advertise on their own website and other platforms. In this instance often the organization will be overwhelmed with applications. Kama Kazi can offer a service of filtering through all the initial applications to ensure only the most relevant CVs are the ones that the organization looks at. Contact Us for more.

CV filtration plus Phone Interview

In addition to CV filtration, the phone interview is a fairly short and inexpensive part of our process and can further help to qualify the good candidates from the ones that are not suitable. Contact Us for more.

Recruitment, On boarding and Retention Training

We offer training programs for managers and heads of department, anyone who may be in charge of the recruitment process. We are professionals at the recruitment process and we can help your team to learn the following skills: How to identify the key aspects of a CV how to interview, how to onboard a new employee, how to retain employee and team members Contact us for more.

Hiring an Intern

Interns can be a valuable part of your team and your company and they come with minimal risk attached. We can arrange for an Intern for your team. We will offer our full recruitment service as well as a comprehensive program and structure to follow to ensure your organization and the intern benefit as fully as possible from the internship. Contact us for more.


Equivalent 10% of final agreed annual compensation for the candidates
Includes: Consultation on role. Generic JD to amend. Advertising on KK site and our channels. Four stage screening process. Up to 5 qualified CVS. Managed Interview process. Negotiation for placements. Best For: High level hires. Busy Companies. Companies with limited resources. Companies that understand recruitment agencies.

Find my next super star


CV Filtration Ksh 1,000/ Hr
Includes: Filtering of mass CVs for JD match Receive a list of qualified CVs

Find my next super star

Phone Interview Ksh 1,000/ Interview

All above CV filtration plus.
Phone interview for assessment of further relevance.
Receive a list of qualified CVS.

Recommended for:
Jobs with mass applications.
Companies with limited personnel to deal with mass applications, organisations that are required to advertise in papers and on large jobs boards.

Signup for CV Filtration + Phone Interviews

Ksh 10,000
Includes: Job posting on our website. Up to 10 relevant CVs either from our database or from applications. Arrange your own interviews Recommended for: Entry level hires and fields sales positions and organisations that are not in a position to pay a full recruitment fee, or are concerned about employee retention.

Post my job and send me CV's

Free Of Charge
Includes: 4 stage screening process. Written guidance throughout the process. At least 3 CVs to interview. Guidance for 3 month period of onboarding. Ideal for organisations on a lean budget and those that want to contribute to developing young people.

Get me an Intern